Absinthe Verte

Made with Wormwood

As Above, So Below Distillery presents Abstinthe Verte, a classic Absinthe made using wormwood, fennel, anise, marjoram, hyssop and mint. 

To craft Absinthe Verte, we begin by macerating absinthe in our high proof house vodka – starting the maceration during the full moon. As the next lunar cycle reaches its peak, we then add additional botanicals to round out the profile of this classic sipping spirit. Finally, as the moon reaches fullness for the 3rd time, we distill the macerate then add a few additional botanicals for one final short maceration before bottling this unique expression. 

The resulting spirit offers an herbal, spicy profile – highlighted best in classic, spirit forward cocktails – or served the way artists and writers of the 19th century enjoyed it most – with water and sugar cube. 

Visit the distillery lounge and bottle shop to sample this spirit through traditional absinthe service or crafted into a cocktail by one of our expert bartenders.

750 ML – 125 PROOF – 62.5% ALC/VOL


Gold, Best in Class- American Craft Spirit Association 2024