Caley Shoemaker

Co-Founder/Master Distiller

Caley began her career in craft spirits in 2009 with Stranahan’s Colorado Whiskey. As she worked her way up, she immersed herself in all aspects of the spirits production process, from grain selection through to fermentation, distillation, maturation, blending, and bottling. Caley fell in love with the process of crafting spirits from unique ingredients, and the magic that unfolds during fermentation, distillation, and barrel maturation.

In 2014 – Caley left Stranahan’s to take the helm at Hangar 1 Distillery, where she oversaw the complete build-out of the new distillery and brand home, then served as the Head Distiller and General Manager until 2020.

At Hangar 1, Caley was responsible for creating unique expressions to showcase a variety of botanicals and distilling techniques. She partnered with farmers, winemakers, coopers, and scientists from across the country in an effort to create truly special spirits – like Fog Point, vodka distilled from wine and cut to bottling proof with water collected from San Francisco fog. Caley is now at home in Santa Fe, and making spirits in this special place is her dream.

You can find Caley around the distillery most days, experimenting with botanicals she grew or foraged, creating alchemy in new styles of distillation, or talking shop over a dram of spirits. When not at the distillery, Caley is usually outdoors; hiking, running, or tending to her beehives and garden.