Jeff Gust

Co-Founder/Sales Director

Jeff’s careers of music and craft beverage have been intertwined since 1998. Jeff began in beverage at Great Divide Brewery in 1998, working in the cellar and on the packaging line – when not traveling with his other career as a Sony touring and recording artist.

After a decade of playing some of the most unique venues in the US, touring with a variety of artists and collecting stories, Jeff returned to craft beer full time in 2010 to take the helm of the barrel aged beer program at Breckenridge Brewery.

Not long after, Jeff found his passion for being in-market, talking with bartenders, restauranteurs and enthusiasts about craft beer and spirits. From there, he launched a consulting firm aimed at helping small producers develop successful sales strategies and supporting craft beverage businesses in sales and sales planning. Jeff believes that the opportunity to build true, authentic relationships are the best part of working in ths industry.

You will often find Jeff around town, spreading the word about As Above So Below to stores, bars and restaurants and at events throughout the region. When not out telling the story of Altar, Jeff loves to collaborate with other musicians to create unique compositions or to explore New Mexico learning about railroad history.